a EuroFugees Production

THE PEACE BETWEEN is a short documentary film about friends who have overcome the hesitation, shyness or fear that divides local people and newcomers. They each looked beyond the word "refugee" as a political and divisive term to learn what it originally meant: a person who had to flee from their home, leaving behind family and friends, who is now hoping to build a new life. As our neighbour. And even our friend.

Join director Caroline Kamya and producer Talitha Brauer and host a screening and discussion to open dialogue in your local community - let's *be* the peace between!

THE PEACE BETWEEN was made thanks to the generosity of donors and supporters. Donate below to support the filmmaking & help the film go further:

Questions? Email thepeacebetween(@)gmail.com or visit www.brotherskeeperintl.com/the-peace-between